• Families on Safari

    As we enter our peak safari season and the beginning of our warmer months in Zimbabwe, we welcome all our guests on their holiday of a lifetime.

    For the everyday, hardworking man and woman, a holiday is a time to reflect, relax and spend precious time with family. We understand that our fathers are the “heroes” and ‘defenders” of our families – the man of the house, the head of the family, the provider and the protector. The super-hero.

    The Amalinda Collection knows all about family and multi-generational travel. A family run business specialising in creating those special family safaris in some of the most beautiful places in Zimbabwe. In these stressful times, Sharon Stead, Founder & CEO of The Amalinda Collection realises that true family time is far too short these days. “Our loved ones are spread all over the world – the young are getting older, spreading their wings, and the old are now elders who are clipping their wings. In Zimbabwe, traditionally, the elders teach the younger generations of love and laughter, stories and wisdom, but these are getting lost in the mad dash of life – and it’s up to our fathers or matriarchs to keep these bonds and traditions together. We’re all wanting to freeze these family moments for just a little bit longer”.

    The Amalinda Collection strives to create those unforgettable family holiday memories. Our properties in Matopos and Hwange National Park provide the perfect setting for family time. Where laughter and amazement are shared through the wonder of nature and all that Africa has to offer. Grandparents, parents and children experiencing the same generation togetherness that is found in the herds that frequent our waterholes and roam our concessions. Nature is extended – yet united.

    Our Director, Ceddy, otherwise known as “Khulu” is devoted to his family and has been instrumental in creating these special camps where family is key and family time is paramount. The Amalinda Collection celebrates three generations who work together in this company, and Khulu is our Hero. Khulu is wise and defends all that is precious and priceless – designing and building our lodges around core family values, and that is why Camp Amalinda in Matopos and Ivory Lodge in Hwange are a perfect backdrop for the perfect family safari experience.

    Join our legacy of luxury, bring your whole family to experience these extra-ordinary family moments – one world, one Africa, all under one vast blue sky.