Celebrating 30 Years

$30,000 Community & Conservation Fundraiser

The Amalinda Safari Collection Family is celebrating 30 years of creating world-class safari experiences in Zimbabwe. Taking stock now of how we have grown and through Mother Africa Trust transformed many lives through charity, we are especially grateful to all our amazing guests and travel partners.

As we celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday and the hopes of tomorrow, please join us in raising a target of $30 000 which will go towards 6 different community and conservation projects listed below. A $1 donation is just as significant as a $1000.00 donation in our eyes as each and every dollar is building up to making a difference in someone’s life.

Help us meet our goal

Bringing love to less privileged communities and creating awareness in conservation. Track our progress by checking the status bar below

$19,125 $30,000

Mother Africa Trust Projects

Drought Relief - Food Programme

At the heart of biting economic problems is a severe drought that has left many people in Zimbabwe facing extreme poverty and food insecurities. The rural populace is among those seriously affected, with many people going all day and night without eating. Everyday children turn up for school on an empty stomach, which makes it hard to focus on lessons. There is urgent need to scale - up assistance to drought affected people, and The Mother Africa Trust’s goal is to provide the much-needed relief to school children and vulnerable families that include grandma and child-headed families.

Lion Proof Bomas

Human – wildlife conflict has become one of the main threats to the continued survival of lions in Hwange National Park, and a significant threat to villagers living around these wildlife areas. Villagers have lost many livestock to predators and sometimes their lives are in danger as they try to protect their main source of livelihood. The lions are often killed in retaliation or to prevent future attacks. In seeking a solution to this, Mother Africa Trust has been building lion proof bomas for villagers in most affected areas. Lion proof bomas are kraals or enclosures that keep cattle safe at night and prevent them from being attacked by predators. Since 2018 Mother Africa Trust has built 9 lion proof bomas for villagers and they have proved very effective in mitigating conflict.

Human – wildlife conflict will not be solved overnight, but with your help we can attempt to reduce number of livestock and lions lost.

Scholarships and Education

Help us to give more disadvantage and orphaned children in the rural communities of Zimbabwe a chance to reach their potential in life. Your contribution can enable us to remove more children from the streets and also empower under-resourced rural schools with educational equipment and better learning facilities.

Sustainable Community Projects

Keeping with the model of empowerment, we have initiated two projects to benefit vulnerable families; the goat gift project in Matopos and the Road runner chicken project in Hwange. The goal is to allow these less privileged families to provide for their own support through the profit that comes from the production and reproduction of goats and chickens. When you help these families, you are investing not only in their welfare, but you are unlocking their potential.

Anti-Poaching Unit

The Mother Africa Anti-poaching Unit (MAAPU) works tirelessly to prevent all forms of poaching in the Ivory Lodge concession that borders Hwange National Park. These brave eco-guards frequently undertake anti-poaching operations in the concession removing snares and apprehending poachers. Through providing basics like shoes, backpacks, patrol equipment, camera traps and accommodation we can make sure that even the rangers protecting rhinos in Matobo National Park have the best chance to stay safe and protect wildlife. Together we will succeed in protecting the future of our planet.

Build Mgadla Primary School

Mgadla villagers in Matobo District have taken an initiative to build a school that will benefit more than 250 children between the age of 5 and 13 who are currently walking 8 – 10km to get to the nearest school. Many children are delayed starting school as they cannot manage to walk long distance. The first classroom block which comprises of two classrooms, is now at window level, and villagers having been providing pit sand, river sand, bricks and labour while we assisted them with cement, window frames, door frames and a professional builder. Your kind donation will help this desperate community roof this much needed classroom block.