• A Dogs Life – Part 1

    Painted Wolves & the Dete Valley!

    Lycaon Pictus.

    “ for those of us who are familiar with Painted Wolves, their conservation and their history, the prevailing headwind is ignorance.“

    Peter Blinston & Nicholas Dryer’s amazing coffee table book (Painted Wolves, a dogs life). This book poetically describes and depicts fascinating photos of the conservation efforts of these highly endangered predators. At the time of the production of this book; it was estimated only 6500 Painted Wolves remain in the wild.

    When the word ignorance is used, it suggests that they are almost entirely ignored by the rest of the world, and are the random killers of livestock and humans – This of course is not true …. Sadly, high traffic on main roads, and bush meat poaching, with the use of snares are indiscriminate killers of the Painted Wolf. Painted Dog Conservation is stationed on the edge of Sable Valley and Khulu Bush Camp’s concessions. Mother Africa Trust APU, together with the PDC APU are often on patrol of these areas to further protect the Wild Dog. The work done in the Mabale Communities to educate those living along the flanks of our wild concession is remarkable. Villagers and kids have become so loving and interested in these wild dogs through the PDC education efforts – We applaud their work.

    This makes our camps the prime location and key home ranges for their newly habituated released packs. Often you may encounter Peter Blinston himself. Peter follows these packs with his telemetry equipment throughout our 15 000 acre concession and especially along the Dete Vlei at Sable Valley. Our Director captured these photographs last week of the “Mpindothella Pack” whom are truly calling Sable Valley their home.

    “Only by building awareness and dispelling ignorance, can we hope to give this remarkable creature the space to survive”.