• A Dogs life part 2

    Painted Dogs of Hwange

    Living in the protected areas alongside Hwange National Park, we have observed the life cycle of these precious critters. A previous pack called the McDonalds Pack used to frequent Khulu Bush Camp. Using the pan as a place to capture their favourite kudu meals.

    However, in late 2019, this pack was wiped out by snaring on another wildlife area close to the Gwayi River. Fast forward to the Mpindothela Pack – who love the Sable Valley concession. This pack of 7 dogs is headed by Washy (seen below relaxing at the Pool after a kill) and his cohort’s Chaser to name two members of the pack.

    Sable Valley boasts healthy numbers of Kudu Antelope and other ideal prey, hence their desire to make Sable Valley their favourite hunting grounds.

    We have been recording their visits to camp to be at least once per week, and here they stay, drinking from the hide’s pool and wallowing in the main pan in the vlei beneath Sable Valley Lodge.

    Some great sightings by our guests include a 4pm hunt right between the guest’s Rondavals and then spending the next couple hours lounging around the camp swimming pool.

    But the scourge of indiscriminate snares laid out for bush meat poaching has not left this Pack unaffected. A gruesome scar which is still affecting Washy (see below) is the harsh reality for these predators. Washy is fitted with a GPS collar which enabled the Painted Dog Conservation crew to dart him and remove the snare. Unlike the MacDonald Pack, it would appear these dogs have managed to survive but still their existence hangs on a fragile thread and requires constant human interaction to thrive.

    We thank you for choosing Sable Valley, Khulu Bush Camp and Ivory Lodge, as your Painted Dog safari experience whereby your conservation levies (MACCL) are part of the ongoing assistance we prescribe to our anti poaching efforts of this protected region on the flanks of Hwange National Park.