• Driving You Wild

    If you’re considering being driven between your safari destinations throughout Zimbabwe, here’s why you should choose a company that operates according to Zimbabwe regulations. The roads in Zim, as you know, are not only used by motorists but also by wildlife and domestic animals as well. So a roadworthy vehicle, driven by a qualified individual, is where you should be looking and make sure you arrive at your destination before nightfall.

    All vehicles in Zimbabwe are required, by law, to have various licenses when transporting people on a commercial basis. These include the following;

    • Route Permit from Ministry of Transport.
    • Road Transport Operator’s License.
    • ZTA Operator’s License.
    • Passenger Liability.

    This ‘entitles’ the Operator to put red number plates on the vehicle which necessitates, again by law, any driver of these vehicles to have the relevant license and qualification;

    • Class 2 drivers license.
    • 1st Aid qualification.
    • Defensive Driving Course – yearly requirement

    We try to ensure that our drivers also hold a Learner Guides License, although this is not compulsory, the majority of our drivers do. Naturally, our drivers are also dressed in appropriate uniforms.

    Zimbabwean law stipulates that any commercial vehicle has Public/Passenger liability insurance. The limit of this insurance is $20,000. Operators, like ourselves, are at liberty to take out further cover with an Insurance Company of their choice. We have selected Satib Insurance and our cover is $1,000,000. {one million dollars}.

    Driving You Wild vehicles are maintained in a roadworthy condition and this avoids any issues with the numerous road blocks and minimizes any unnecessary delays.

    Furthermore, in the case of any breakdown, we have the facilities and resources to deal with this eventuality in an efficient and reliable manner.

    Our rates between the various destinations we service have been calculated based on the Automobile Association of Zimbabwe’s recommendations. We have, and will continue to consider more competitive figures depending on the nature of any enquiry.

    Always, check what the liability cover is before going on this trip, and make sure the vehicle has these features and conforms to the regulations stated above.

    Zimbabwe is Super ???? you’re welcome.